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T he Gino Mazzuccato glass factory is one of the few ones left in the island of Murano that still has its own production of glass artworks, since it was founded in 1958.
The glass factory is open 7 days a week and the glass masters work every day, along with the director that coordinates the staff.
All the products are made with the old techniques of the tradition on Murano, developed through the centuries by the greatest glass masters of the island that have learned and repeated these gestures till they got the perfect product.

Production and Showroom

I n the 2,000 square-meter showroom, split in 2 levels, there are the artworks of the most important glass masters of the history of Murano glass, in addition to exclusive collections by Gino Mazzuccato.
On the first floor there’s an art gallery with historical and contemporary pieces of art, created with all the traditional techniques and in every style.
Along the different rooms, recently restored and always changing in order to house new pieces of the exclusive production, there are sculptures, vases, chandeliers and mirrors.
All the glass pieces produces by the Gino Mazzuccato glass factory are unique and exclusive, and it is possible to choose among home decoration works such as vases, sculptures, chandeliers and wall lights, glass sets and every decor for the house.
On the ground floor there are 2 shops. In the first shop there pieces made by the main glass artists of the island of Murano, while the shop is entirely dedicated to the exhibition and selling of the exclusive production of the Gino Mazzuccato glass factory.
Beyond the medium-small size pieces, big size artworks are shown, representational and abstract works.

Tour of the glass factory

E very day hundreds of clients visit the Gino Mazzuccato glass factory, easily reachable by public means of transport (waterbus line 4.1, busstop Murano Colonna) being the first building visible arriving at the island of Murano.
The glass factory is even better reachable by private taxi, having a private dock at disposal of the clients.
The Gino Mazzuccato glass factory has many international clients, thanks to long-lasting collaborations with the most important luxury hotels of Venice. Clients are welcomed by multilingual representatives that take care of them during the visit of the factory.
Clients will enjoy a glass of wine sitting in the comfortable armchairs, while watching the demonstration of the production of glass and listening to the explanation of the techniques and the history of it.
Big groups of clients can also be hold, because of the wide areas of the factory and the availability of docking for big boats.
Our big private garden is ideal and at disposal for groups of clients and schoolchildren.
On the ground floor there is also a bar and a brand new restaurant.