T he Gino Mazzuccato glass factory was founded in 1958 by Gartano Mazzuccato, better known as Gino.
Starting as a little family run business, it has now become a company with over 50 employees. The business grew very fast and today it is one of the strongest company of the whole island of Murano, passing hard moments and economic crisis thanks to the solidity of the company.
Still nowadays the Gino Mazzuccato glass factory pruduces high quality artworks, following and respecting the old glass blowing techniques, supplying important clients, such as the military forces, private and public companies, and a very wide number of private clients that visit the glass factory and the showroom in Murano every year.

Murano's glass factory

T he seat of the Gino Mazzuccato glass factory is about 6,000 square-meter wide, divided in different areas: the area of the glass products production with the furnace and the “moleria” were the products are completed, the 2,000 square-meter wide showroom, a restaurant, a bar and within the 2019 the opening of a Boutique hotel overlooking the Venice lagoon.
Glass masters, staff working in the “moleria” and every employee of the Gino Mazzuccato company work hard to produce Murano glass artworks of the highest quality and to promote the local craft. Every day the glass factory holds hundreds of visitors and give the possibility to experience the production of glass, watching the old production techniques.
The glass artworks are shown in the hall of the historical Danieli Hotel in Venice, a long-lasting collaboration due to the prestige of the Gino Mazzuccato brand.

The mission

A fter many years producing in a traditional way, the company is now working on a new collection of glass pieces, made in a contemporary style in order to meet the new clients’ tastes.
The aim of the company is to bring back the Murano glass to its greatness, through contemporary artworks, but still using the old techniques of production, blending past and future in unique masterpieces of glass.
Our mission is to make the island of Murano the center of the glass world again, an ambitious project that Gino Mazzuccato and his son Cristiano have started engaging local and international artists, designers and architects, invited to Murano for business collaborations, to organize events and exhibitions, in order to create synergies and relaunch the production of glass.